Closing Instructions

1. Begin by placing the provided finger protectors on the index finger and thumb.
Closing Instructions - Mechanical Broadheads | Bowmar Archery

2. Using the fingers protected by way of the finger protectors, begin applying equal pressure on both blades simultaneously compressing them towards the ferrule.
Mechanical Broadheads | Bowmar Archery
Beast Broadheads | Bowmar Archery

3. Continue to apply equal pressure simultaneously until the blades reach the stowed position, an audible click will be heard as the blade retention system engages the blades, holding them in the locked position.
Closing Instructions - Beast BroadheadsBeast Broadheads Closing Instructions

HANDLE WITH EXTREME CAUTION: This product is EXTREMELY SHARP with blades under SPRING LOADED TENSION. Serious injury can occur if handled improperly. To avoid injury, please follow all instructions carefully and use the proper provided finger protection when handling this product.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: Beast Broadheads, LLC is not liable for any personal injury, death, or property damage that may result from your use of this product. The user of this product assumes all risks of property damage or injury to yourself and others that may arise from its use. Use of this product binds the user to this agreement.