How long will it take for my order to ship?

Dependent on built inventory, we are striving to get orders out the door in under 72 hours.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping is calculated at checkout

Product Questions

What is the difference between 100g and 125g broadheads?

The ferrules and blades are the same. The ferrule is 7075 Aluminum,  the tip is hardened 420 stainless steel, and the blades are 0.035" thick and are made of stainless steel that has composition that is specially proven to be optimal for the creation of an incredibly sharp edge and maintaining edge retention. 

Weight is determined by the tip used or threaded shank

What is the minimum bow poundage required to use a BEAST broadhead?

The Beast performs incredible at lower poundages. We always recommend following your given states' bow poundage or KE recommendations/regulations. 

The Beast only takes ~1lb of force to deploy both of the blades on impact so deployment will never be an issue at all with any Beast out of any speed or poundage set up.

Is the BEAST Broadhead compatible for crossbows?

YES! We tested the Beast out of a 500 fps Ravin crossbow and it performed flawlessly; the blades remained locked when fired, and in flight during these tests.

Can I resharpen the blades?

Yes, but they must be sharpened as assembled., We do not recommend removing them from the ferrule due to the stored energy in the ferrule keeps the blades under tension when deployed. Due to the amazing Steel, curved shape and 9 step sharpening process of the Beast blades, they retain their edge amazingly well.

If I shoot the Beast broadhead into a target, will it dull the blades?

Yes. However, every pack of Beast broadheads comes with a ballistically matched practice head engineered with the same center of mass allowing you to practice without the need to shoot your actual broadheads. If you do choose to shoot the actual broadhead into a target, resharpening the blades is recommended. Blades must be sharpened while assembled in the ferrule and cannot be removed.

What type of target can I shoot?

When using the ballistically matched practice head we recommend shooting into a layered foam “Block” style target or standard foam target. Do not shoot the practice heads or actual broadhead into a bag target of any kind.

Why won't my arrows penetrate as deep when using the practice head?

The practice head blades, while being ballistically matched for accuracy, are not sharp and therefore will restrict “Penetration”.

Can I shoot BEAST through mesh windows in my ground blind?

No, Due to the method and speed of deployment we do not recommend shooting the Beast through mesh ground blind windows.

Do the blades fold forward so it's not barbed?

Yes!  The Beast was designed to comply with states that have rules regarding barbed broadheads to allow the blades to fold forward to not be considered a barb!


Can I get BEAST broadheads at a retailer?

Yes! We have made Beast broadheads available to Dealers.

Can I sell BEAST broadheads in my shop?

Of course! Contact us at and we will get you set up.

Customer Service

Does BEAST offer a military discount?

Yes, please email

What do I do if I order the wrong product?

Contact us as soon as possible at to begin the return or exchange process.

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